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We Buy, Sell, Crack and Shell Pecans
September thru January, try our wide variety of of
Candied Pecans: Praline, Chocolate, Yogurt, Butterscotch
Toffee, Cinnamon, and several other flavors available throughout
the holidays. Just click on The Nut Hut in the navigation bar.

Welcome to the The Fruit Stand Inc. Fruit & Vegetable page. We strive to handle locally grown produce whenever it’s in season such as Louisiana satsumas, Louisiana Beauregard Sweet Potatoes are in full peak in Oct. – Jan.

We are also working on our introduction of organic fruit and vegetables,“Tour Avec”, However they are a little pricy and sometimes we are a little reluctant to purchase some of the market offering.

We have a very good selection of fresh packed, cut, frozen vegetables. Our freezers are always full of lima beans, speckled butter beans, cut corn, and much much more.

For more information, please contact us either via email at [email protected] . You may also call us at 337-332-4636 or 1-800-874-5865 from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, 7 Days a week with your questions or to place an order.

We look forward to serving you.
Louisiana satsumas, Louisiana Beaureguard Sweet potatoes are in full peak season Oct. – Jan.

Fresh Produce 1

Tomatoes, Carrots, Onions, and Cucumbers.
Check out our freezers loaded with frozen Vegetables & Seafood

Fresh Produce 2

#1 quality Bananas, Louisiana Oranges, Grapes, Honeydews, and Pears

Business Hours

Fruit Stand hours:   7:00 AM To 8:00 PM
Recycling Hours:   8 :00 AM To 5:00 PM
Foti’s Cafe:         11:00 AM To 8:00 PM

7 Days A Week

       Phone: 337-332-4636 or 1-800-874-5865